Professional Coaching and Therapy Services

For Individuals and Organisations.

Helping you lead happier, fulfilling personal and professional lives through transformative support and guidance.

I love nothing more than supporting, guiding and enlivening people to grow and flourish.

Hi, I’m Joanne. I help individuals to feel better, live better and thrive personally and professionally.

I’m a certified, experienced Coach and Therapist. By providing a safe and trusted space, I provide coaching and hypnotherapy services to help overcome personal and professional challenges with a commitment to delivering results.

Maybe you’re in the middle of a difficult life transition, feeling stuck at a crossroads or you’re ready for the next step in your life or career and you’re unsure of your next move? By working together we can discover what’s holding you back and unearth your potential so you can achieve your desired outcome.

I also work with UK and global organisations, offering tailored Corporate services for growth and effectiveness at individual, group and organisational level.

Joanne Cook Professional Coach and Therapist sitting in studio

Are you…

  • Feeling stuck, lost or unfulfilled in your personal life or career?
  • Unsure how to navigate the difficult life transitions you’re facing?
  • Frustrated and seeking freedom from unhelpful habits or behaviours?
  • At a career crossroads, you’re not sure what’s stopping you from moving forward?

Do you want…

  • To get rid of what’s making you feel the way you are?
  • To discover what it is you really want and need?
  • To feel happier and more resilient?
    A healthier, sustainable work-life balance?
  • To accelerate your goals, ambitions or success?

I love to work with those who are ready to make a change, open to explore new and different approaches to accelerate their life, career or business goals.

Are you one of these people?

“Joanne is an extraordinary career coach. I found her approach really refreshing; her free from judgement caring nature and incredible humour instantly puts you at ease.

Joanne revealed the potential that I needed to see in myself and as a result, I have never felt more free, fulfilled or confident both in my personal and professional life.”

– Dalvinder | Retail Leader

Professional Coaching Services

Many of the people I coach come to me with one or two goals in mind yet find quite quickly that their initial focus is not actually what is holding them back. I work with you so you can finally feel empowered and experience greater fulfilment. Whilst each client wants something different typically, we work across your whole life, creating an exciting or compelling vision and momentum to take bold action. Exploring self-perception, mindset, emotions, habits, self-limiting beliefs and in doing so create more expansive awareness.

I offer professional coaching services for private and corporate clients. The coaching philosophy and approach I deploy is great for people who are committed to act, take responsibility and embark on a journey of self discovery, who are open to a deeper level of conscious exploration and experimentation. Whilst coaching and therapy modalities are separate, I offer a unique solutions which can combine both within my packages.

Hypnotherapy Services

I work with you to unearth the root cause of your presenting issues. Hypnotherapy works within your subconscious realm by skilfully reframing unhelpful thoughts, habits, and behaviour patterns. Hypnotherapy is outcome driven, unlike coaching it works by exploring much deeper origins of beliefs, thoughts, feelings and experiences that drive unwanted presenting patterns of behaviour. Whilst the past cannot be changed, I work with you to heal past emotional pain and events.

Through a series of therapeutic techniques and bespoke support. I work with you to unearth the root cause of your presenting issues enabling you to live a happier, healthier life. The transformational hybrid hypnotherapy I provide is Rapid Transformational Therapy. RTT continues to grow in popularity globally due to the speed at which it works, going deeper to tackle the root cause. Empowering you to lead a truly fulfilling and happy life.

Want to work with me?

Whatever individual path you’re on, the coaching and hypnotherapy I provide offers support, guidance, tools and strategies to help you achieve the results you want and need.

I provide face to face, online and on-site services.

My coaching and hypnotherapy studio is in Maidenhead and I work with clients in London, Berkshire, UK and Worldwide.