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Our uniqueness means we all transform in different and interesting ways 

Hi, I’m Joanne.

I wake up each day with a clear purpose to make a positive and profound impact on people’s everyday lives.

By understanding both your physical and mental health, we work together to improve your emotional wellbeing and overall wellness.

As both a Co-active coach and RTT hypnotherapist, I guide individuals to uncover their truest potential with the aim for them to live each day more intentionally and fulfilled.

My biggest success has been that after having a significantly disrupted education leaving school at 16, I was driven enough to end up working in large organisations with a progressive career spanning 30 years.

In that time, I have been able to experience many different aspects and types of business. Including; holding significant P&L accountability, leading both small, large multidisciplinary teams, partnering senior leaders, directors and executive teams.

In turn, shaping the strategy of business and working life for thousands of employees.

Certified Co-Active Coach Joanne Cook sitting crossed legged on sofa in Berkshire

“To see possibility when it feels like there’s none”
– Joanne Cook

I connect with the idea that each one of us was born into this world a life force of our own, holding our own space and following our own unique path for life however that might unfold.

Born in West London in the early 70’s we moved to Somerset to spend the summer in a small chalet on the bank of the river Avon. The river was so close that my Dad would occasionally take me fishing on the banks for a few hours whilst I sat in a pushchair taking it all in.

I’ve always loved being outdoors, especially as a child, fascinated by nature and wildlife. I particularly loved the occasions where I was able to help my Mum tidy the garden, growing and then harvesting from our very own little vegetable patch.

It’s no wonder that being outdoors, surrounded by nature, water and exploring has always been so important to me and for my overall wellness.

There is so much wisdom, perspective, freedom, and healing that comes from being immersed in nature and where possible I incorporate this into my personal daily practice and the work I do.

My love of nature is directly related to the calm, nurturing and idyllic experiences I was fortunate to have in the first couple of years being on the planet.

Yet it wasn’t to remain that way for very long.

My commitment is to end suffering by inspiring and guiding individuals in finding the most appropriate support. This includes recommending alternative therapists or options for specialist conditions in circumstances which are outside the remit of the service I offer.

Clients have said that working with me is not a passive experience, it is highly participative, supportive, challenging, enlightening, and transformative

I have depth and breadth experience with personal adversity which I believe enhances and builds on the skills I have developed and significantly aids the effectiveness of the work I do.

Whilst my first few years were idyllic, I have experience of inequalities, specifically how invisible illness and disability can render someone unemployable, losing basic human needs such as a secure family home, associated freedoms such as transportation, living hand to mouth, years of upheaval and living with constant uncertainty.

I know only too well how fear, scarcity and pride can shatter hopes and dreams, erode self-perception, confidence, esteem, and worth leading to disconnection and isolation.

All these left unattended can have a devastating compound effect leading to chronic illness.  Our health is our wealth and our emotional health, our mindset, our beliefs who we are surrounded by have a direct impact on how we show up, experience, and make sense of the world and who we are.

Friends, family, and many clients tell me that being a coach and therapist is my calling. I have always been a keen observer of people, showing care and compassion from a young age.

I provide a safe trusted space so that people can open up and explore their truest selves that leads to profound empowered action.

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