Elevate your career with Executive Coaching Services

Providing emotional and practical support in times of change and transition

Executive coaching supports you in times of change or transition, accounting for the interplay across all areas of life. I offer executive coaching for entrepreneurs, managers and leaders on an individual basis and in group/team settings, empowering professionals to develop and thrive.

The emotional and practical support that executive coaching provides is particularly useful in times of change or transitions, so you can thrive as a leader, overcome leadership challenges, improve performance and accelerate leadership development. We work together to meet your objectives in balance with other parts of your live and your whole self. 

Executive coaching is suitable for any stage in your career. Whether you’re looking to improve performance, develop new skills, start or scale your business, identify your strengths or overcoming any derailing tendencies, it’s best to book a free no-obligation call with me, where we can discuss your needs and I can talk you through my approach.

Who benefits from Executive Coaching?

Typically, my coaching clients are:

  • Directors
  • Entrepreneurs/Solopreneurs
  • Mid – Senior Level Leaders
  • HR Leaders
  • C Suite (-1) Med/Large Companies

What does Executive coaching help with:

  • Confidence building for individuals and teams
  • Dealing with workplace challenges and pressures
  • Working towards individual goals and organisational goals
  • Improving and driving individual performance
  • Leadership and entrepreneur development
  • Overcome derailing behaviours and self awareness
  • Preparing for promotion, advancement or a new business
  • Identify skills and competency gaps intra/inter personal level
  • Adopting a growth mindset
  • Better understanding your thoughts, feelings and choices
  • Understanding personality traits and communication styles
  • Building Resilience
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Other benefits of coaching:

  • Develop healthier habits
  • Build Interpersonal skills (You with others)
  • Build Intrapersonal skills (You with yourself)
  • Communication Impact and Influence
  • Develop sound judgement and decision-making skills
  • Unearth strengths
  • Values and motivations clarification
  • Develop essential coaching capability dialogue and listening
  • Clarity on individual goals and priorities
  • Team development and integration
  • Navigate redundancy
  • Prevent burnout

If you’re looking for executive coaching for your organisation, you may wish to explore my corporate services.

“Working with Joanne Cook has been nothing short of a transformative experience. Her unique blend of expertise and qualities sets her apart as truly remarkable in the field of strategic HR consulting and Exec Coaching. 

Joanne possesses a rare ability to not only understand the commercial demands of a business but also to embrace limitless possibilities, making her a visionary in her field.  What distinguishes Joanne is her ability to ground innovative ideas into a concrete and easily understandable framework, making her a trusted partner in any project”

– Denis Collen | CEO & Founder of MAD4 Business | London

How Resilient Are You?

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Executive Coaching in London and Worldwide

Successful coaching for executives usually takes place over a 3-6 month | 6-12 month | 1year+ period.

My clients see results in various tangible and intangible factors, including –

  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Improvement with judgement, energy, focus and flow
  • Much better decision making and more resilient
  • Improved self-awareness and relationships
  • Promotion success and career advancement
  • Better motivation, determination and focus
  • Improved sleep, mental health and overall wellness
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem flourishing
    Better peer-to-peer working relationships

As an executive coach, I also provide Competency and Personality Assessments using Psychometric Profiling Tools to help executives and leaders identify their strengths, discover, explore and overcome their blind spots.

Learn more about the personality tests I provide. 

If you’re a self-funding individual or your employer is funding, please book a free, no-obligation 30 minute coaching call.

If you want to discuss executive coaching services for your organisation, please book a free strategy call.

“Joanne recently facilitated a three day workshop for our global People leadership team, which was a great success. Joanne’s ability to ask the right questions, understand and respond to the needs of many different stakeholders, and design and deliver an approach which both met and exceeded our intended outcomes is second-to-none.

Her facilitation style is inclusive, creating a safe environment for honesty, openness and challenge, and she has great agility to steer and guide discussions in a way that really gets to the root of the issue or challenge.

Joanne created and delivered a highly thought-provoking, productive and enjoyable three days for us, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joanne to others. We are really looking forward to working with Joanne as we move forwards.

Paul Smith | Global Director People Strategy, Engagement and Culture | EssenceMediaCom| London

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