Life Coach in London, Berkshire and online Worldwide

Unearthing one’s own inner wisdom to outwardly live life with greater fulfilment and intention

Life coaching can help you develop and grow as a human no matter what role you play.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it creates a safe and supportive space to improve your overall quality of life . It’s a perfect time to get present and examine your choices, actions and feelings, whilst exploring perspectives and ultimately what sits inside and outside of your existence.

I’m a certified, professional life coach and work with individuals online and face to face to create positive and transformative personal growth and development in all areas of your personal life, empowering you to create long lasting change.

Life coaching is found to be deeply creative, experimental and imaginative. Igniting a spark, where something new or different emerges, whatever your personal goal is.

Are you…

  • Feeling stuck, lost or unfulfilled in your personal life?
  • Unsure how to navigate the difficult life transitions you’re facing?
  • Frustrated and seeking freedom from unhelpful habits or behaviours?
  • Not sure why you’re feeling how you are but you want to move forward?

Through conversation, awareness and action plans, I take you on a journey to unearth your potential and unlock your inner passion, creativity and flair. I can help you discover and understand any limiting beliefs you may have so you can face these head on and achieve your personal goals, feel happier, more confident and fulfilled.

Personalised Life Coaching to Unearth Your Potential 

Life coaching is unique to your individual needs, goals, and circumstances and can help you in a wide range of areas for personal growth and support.

What can life coaching help with?

  • Clarifying your life goals and creating a clear plan of how to achieve them
  • Identifying your personal values, passions, strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing healthier habits and routines to improve overall health and wellness
  • Building your confidence and improving your self-esteem to feel like yourself again
  • Creating a better work-life balance with healthier boundaries to avoid repeating past mistakes
  • Improving relationships with friends, family and colleagues helping build trust, intimacy and better connections
  • Boosting motivation, determination and focus to achieve your goals whilst maintaining your own self care
  • Enhancing decision making with higher resilience to prepare you better for life’s challenges
  • Improving your interpersonal skills and self-awareness with a positive outlook with better emotional control

As a life coach I can work with you online or in person to help you move forward and thrive. I provide no-obligation free calls.

If you’re seeking career focused support, you may wish to explore career coaching.

“My coaching experience with Joanne has been unforgettable, she has created a spark in me where I have been able to discover my values and openly accept the art of possibility.

Joanne is the sorceress of coaching (minus the illusions) and comes highly recommended. Thank you for changing my life for the better!”

– Dalvinder K | Store Manager | London

“I had always been a bit of a doubter around the value of personal coaching. This changed after I started working with Joanne. 

My own views going into that first session were around the desired output being getting focused on physical health and improving performance at work. The ultimate output of the sessions couldn’t have been further from those initial expectations.

At times I was shocked by what we uncovered and what I learnt about myself, and a key part of our session was the contracting that allowed me to hold myself to account to do different things between sessions, invaluable for challenging me to be the best me.”

– Graham W | Lost Prevention and Risk Manager | Scotland

Life Coaching Sessions and Programmes

Life Coaching Focus Session for Personal Growth and Change

– 60 minute session

My 60 minute one-to-one life coaching session provides you with the space to focus on a single narrow topic or presenting challenges in your personal life. This is a great solution for those who are new to coaching, or who want to explore working with me before committing to a longer programme or simply just love the flexibility. We will most likely spend time exploring your current perspective and what might be holding you back from achieving your desired outcome. This approach aims to empower and reconnect you to your most resourceful self, to choose a path that gets you unstick so you can take at least one bold action at the first step to achieving your desired outcome.

Life Coaching Explore Package for Personal Growth and Change

– 1 x 3 hour immersive session or 2 x 90 minute sessions

My Coaching Explore for personal growth & change package is a deep dive immersive experience for those who want to evaluate their current levels of fulfilment across a number of areas of life and build a clear plan which focuses on the areas most desired to improve whether that be incremental or radical change.

This is a great solution for those who feel a little lost or stuck and allows for a whole picture exploration rather than a narrow focus. This package provides a helpful framework to illuminate your experience of life at the stage you are at, in the present and allows for consideration of where you might want to go in the future.

This package involves two self reflection activities as pre-work which we will explore together on a much deeper level your thoughts and feelings along with your desires for the future.

Joanne Cook Coaching and Therapy's Mind and mastery life coaching

Mind and Mastery – The Ultimate Life Coaching Programme – 8 x 60 minute sessions

A great solution for those who require the support of myself as a Professional Life Coach, thought partner and Hypnotherapist. This programme is ideal for those who want to dedicate regular focus time and attention to their personal and/or professional development. Working with the longer term desire or aspiration in mind or indeed a persistent level of stuckness. Mind and Mastery enhanced typically includes 8 x 60 minute coaching Sessions across 3-6 months where time can be swapped for a single Hypnotherapy session.

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