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Coaching Testimonials

"Coaching has landed me my next career role!"

After a recent career move because of redundancy, I was looking for some support to help me shape my thinking about my long-term career. Joanne and I embarked on a coaching journey that aimed to dig deep into my purpose.

Joanne’s coaching style is warm and engaging with a sensitivity that evokes real honesty and trust in the shared space.

With brilliant coaching techniques including focussed questions and active listening, I reached my aim of being able to unearth and articulate my purpose and with that an easy to see career path.

Being able to refine and work on my interviewing skills and clarity of purpose has not only given me great confidence it has landed me my next career role!

I highly recommend Joanne for coaching for people that are wanting to change careers, looking to pursue new roles and for support when going through any change or personal transition.

– Emma J | Senior Manager Leadership Development and Learning | Bournemouth

"It was amazing working with Joanne"

I can highly recommend Joanne, she supported and helped me to think differently about my fears that are holding me back. Her calm yet probing questions helped me think through my situation to arrive at the heart of my concerns.

Joanne offered a variety of tactics and approaches throughout our sessions that gave me insight into different ways of thinking. I still have work to do, but Joanne gave me a strategy and tools to continue working to progress and ultimately change my thinking.

– Steve S | IT Director | North London

"We could all benefit from Joanne in our lives!"

Joanne has a natural ability of calming the mind and after just a short 30 min session I genuinely felt 10 tonnes lighter. She knew exactly what questions to ask in order to get the best out of me. Joanne’s overarching positivity is contagious that I would leave each session feeling ready to take on the world. Not only is she knowledgeable in all things HR she is a fantastic coach and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. We all could benefit from Joanne in our lives! Thank you for everything.

– Melanie F | Executive Assistant | London

"Joanne has been instrumental in helping me realise my potential"

Joanne has been my coach for the past 2 years and I can honestly say the whole experience has been both an enjoyable journey and a revelation!

Whilst I felt I had a good grasp and understanding of myself and what made me tick, I was at a crossroads in terms of my career and personal growth.  What initially started as work related coaching has evolved gradually from being inward facing in terms of myself and my next potential career move, rapidly blossoming into unearthing a deep inner passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and untapped creativity beyond the realms of my current job.  This insight led to a seed of an idea for interior design developing into a tangible viable business model with room to grow and evolve at my own pace so I can maintain a balance.

In a matter of weeks, I was able to turn this idea into tangible action and outcomes.  Joanne has been instrumental in helping me realise my potential, she has been a huge motivator whilst providing a balance of challenge and support to help me stress test my thinking to unlock my passion and creative flair, as well as helping me realise that anything is possible, and the only limitations are those I put on myself.  I am now even more focussed and living a more enriched life than ever.

– Sadie A | Entrepreneur and Head of ER Services | Bristol

"Invaluable for challenging me to be the best me"

I had always been a bit of a doubter around the value of personal coaching, struggling in my own mind to fully understand the benefits and as such committing in a meaningful way had been challenging. This changed after I started working with Joanne in early 2018.

My own views going into that first session were around the desired output being getting focused on physical health and improving performance at work. The ultimate output of the sessions couldn’t have been further from those initial expectations as it was understanding my own mental wellbeing that has transformed me into a believer in the power and value of personal coaching.

Joanne worked to break down my fears by creating trust in a safe environment, doing an in-depth exploration, and working to mutually agree a contract for the sessions. It was refreshing to do sessions both face to face and over calls – making the time accessible for me. She introduced different methods of visualisation techniques to explore and probe my own thoughts and developed an uncanny knack of knowing there was more to give and encouraging unsaid thoughts to be aired and explored.

At times I was shocked by what we uncovered and what I learnt about myself, and a key part of our session was the contracting that allowed me to hold myself to account to do different things between sessions, invaluable for challenging me to be the best me.

– Graham W | Lost Prevention and Risk Manager | Scotland

"Highly recommended for personal and professional growth"

3 coaching sessions with Joanne, very insightful, thought provoking sessions that enabled self growth and confidence that transferred into my work. Joanne was friendly, respectful and challenging. Highly recommended for personal and professional growth.

– Matt W | Head of Operations | South East England

"I have for the first time started to work towards something I want to do and opened up my world."

The journey I have been on with Joanne was one that I didn’t even realise I needed, we went to some challenging places, some out of my comfort zone places, some insightful places and we arrived in a place where I started to understand who I am, what I want and where I want to go, I found that door in my brain and I was willing to step through it.

It’s a daunting task to look inwardly, so many gremlins and so many goblins stare at you from the corners and crevices of your mind, doubt, regret and shame washes over you, well… for me those feelings soaked me, I was in my first session with Joanne and I found the strength to open up, I was at ease straight away and willing to share those dark thoughts and feelings swimming around in my mind, you have to know that only 3 or 4 people have ever known and only 1 or 2 have I ever spoken to about these experiences, yet here I was opening up about abuse, the drug use, infidelity, a failed business, depression, anxiety and shame… that word ‘shame’, clamped around my ankles and dragging me under, all the while self-worth standing by and telling me that I deserved it. Writing this now and reflecting back at that inner narrative from that time to now is testament to Joanne’s kindness, empathy, patience and skill at navigating such a hot swirl of suppressed emotion.

Task time, emotional timelines, reflection, and reading, it’s not all about that hour, plenty of commitment is required in-between sessions I found myself with time to reflect and had actually to my surprise found that my subconscious had been hard at work, thoughts, memories, feelings they didn’t just tumble they flowed, I was being challenged on how I saw myself, how I spoke to myself, my values and what brings me joy, as iterated above the whole experience can be an emotional rollercoaster, emotionally draining and emotionally exhilarating.

What now? I’m positive, I’ve started to make some moves, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone, the surprising thing is that area is not as uncomfortable as the thought of camping in it, it’s been rewarding in a personal way of achievement and realising I can do it. I have for the first time started to work towards something I want to do and opened up my world.

I can honestly write down that without Joanne I wouldn’t be as comfortable and confident within myself as I am today, I would encourage anyone who has a negative narrative in their head, has lost direction of who they are and where they want to go, wants to stop imagining the world around them but actually take hold of it as their world, that they need to seek out this amazing woman called Joanne Cook.

– Anon Male

"If we could bottle the talent and use it with all our Co-op colleagues then WOW what an organisation we would be"

Joanne coached me throughout 2019, and the support and transformation on my outlook has been amazing.  Joanne really helped me understand my strength profile which helped me understand my core values and how to tap into them to be a better colleague and human being.

Joanne has the detailed emotional intellect to know when to push and probe more but also when to hold and when to pull back.  Nothing was ever too much and the style of each session was always different, with me leaving the room feeling like Joanne had done all the work, when in fact what she had done was teased out of me everything I needed to know and had to go and work on. We had many smiles when I was called out regularly when my words were saying one thing and my body language was saying another.

I can’t recommend Joanne enough as a coach, if we could bottle the talent and use it with all our Co-op colleagues then WOW what an organisation we would be. Thanks again Joanne.

– Matt W | Head of Logistics Supply Chain | Yorkshire

"I can’t recommend Joanne enough to anyone that’s looking for a breakthrough in their life"

I had the pleasure to be Joanne’s client. She has been coaching me about my professional career and I will always be grateful for her marvellous work. Since the beginning she has been very professional and understanding. You can feel you can trust her. No matter what has emerged she’s always been genuinely caring and supportive. I love that she gives very practical support and interesting self reflective work that aids you in moving forward. I can’t recommend Joanne enough to anyone that’s looking for a breakthrough in their life.

– Leti B | Therapist | Zurich, Switzerland

"Joanne is an incredible coach and a delightful person"

I have known Joanne for several years in a professional capacity and remember the first time I heard her speak at a leadership conference in 2018, I was immediately impressed by the clarity and focus that she brought and how she was able to inspire a group of store managers to begin their own leadership journeys.

In early 2021 I had the opportunity to work with Joanne in an informal coaching relationship. At the time I was at a career crossroads and was struggling to understand my own future and how I contributed to the longer-term success of The Co-op.

It didn’t take Joanne long to understand where I was and help to bring that clarity and focus to my own situation. She was supportive, challenging and quick to build rapport, which meant that I was comfortable in speaking openly with Joanne enabling me to dig deeper into the underlying reasons for how I felt.

Very quickly she enabled me to see things that I hadn’t been able to for looking too hard. She was able to surface within me the courage and confidence to try new things and to recognise the value that I brought. I only worked with Joanne for approx. 6 months but thoroughly enjoyed the time that we had together and would absolutely recommend her. Joanne is an incredible coach and a delightful person.

– Dave R | Chief Information Technology Officer | Co-op Group

"Joanne has helped me find real clarity in my thinking"

Joanne always brings a unique and engaging approach to her coaching. 

She creates a challenging, yet still a super safe environment where the coachee is able to grow and create real tangible movement for themselves, often unlocking personal challenges that may have been unresolved for years. 

I am also encouraged by Joanne’s approach to meet the coachee where they are, adapting to the needs of the coachee and how the journey develops.  

Joanne has helped me find real clarity in my thinking and assisted me in exploring new ideas and approaches, helping me challenge and overcome my limiting beliefs

– Tina M | Retail Director | Knutsford

"I am more confident about my career search and transition as a result of our sessions"

I worked with Joanne for a period of three months whilst I was preparing for redundancy. Joanne provided space, support and challenge for me to work through my feelings and explore what I wanted to do in the next chapter of my career. I would describe Joanne as a transformational coach.

She works with you as a whole individual and draws on her breadth of experience and training to support you on your journey of increased self awareness and realisation. I am very grateful for Joanne’s ability to balance personal exploration with practical concerns in a holistic way. I am more confident about my career search and transition as a result of our sessions. Thank you Joanne! 

Sally G | Senior Lecturer | Manchester

"Joanne thank you for helping me continue discovering my life purpose"

Joanne is an extraordinary coach. She possesses every tool you would possibly want or need and has incredible instincts to know precisely when to use these. Joanne loves coaching and this is evident in her deep presence and authenticity that she injects into all our sessions. 

I found her approach really refreshing; her razor-sharp wit, free from judgement caring nature and incredible humour instantly puts you at ease.  Joanne has really challenged my way of thinking, revealing the potential that I needed to see in myself and as a result, I have never felt more free, fulfilled or confident both in my personal and professional life. 

Joanne has guided me through discovering my values and uncovering the self-limiting beliefs that once stood in my way. Joanne thank you for helping me continue discovering my life purpose. I have truly enjoyed your help and completely blown away by your passion for growth. I cannot recommend you enough!

Dalvinder K | Retail Leader | Slough

"Joanne has helped me step into a better version of myself on far more occasions and this has helped me both personally and professionally"

I had the pleasure of having Joanne as my coach and I can honestly say it was both transformative and very timely! Joanne brings incredible enthusiasm to the role of a coach, high energy and a natural way of helping to get the most out of each session.

I was really impressed by our initial contracting, coaching is not a passive experience and Joanne ensures the right agreements are made upfront, allowing for richer deeper conversation thereafter. Joanne will have you out and about in the local park or wherever the environment is supporting the coachee to bring their best selves to each moment.

Needless to say I would highly recommend Joanne as a coach has helped me step into a better version of myself on far more occasions and this has helped me both personally and professionally.

– Rob B | Head of Retail Operations | Wales

"Sometimes we think we know ourselves better than anyone else, but it has been truly eye-opening having Joanne's insight and it's also been positively career changing"

I believe I am a confident person and I have always had the ability to build good working relationships.  However, when it comes to believing in myself and pushing myself forward in my career, I have always doubted my own abilities, despite the belief, support and guidance I have received from managers and peers alike. Because of this I have spent many years side stepping. 

Through my coaching sessions with Joanne, Joanne has helped me to understand where these self-limitations have come from.  Joanne has helped me to be more confident by highlighting where my fears lay and breaking them down into something that is manageable rather than insurmountable.  Through the conversations and sessions I have had with Joanne, when these feelings of self-doubt arise now, I am now able to rationalise these thoughts and talk myself down from feeling like an imposter! 

I’ve felt safe to be myself with Joanne and open up to the challenges and fears I felt have stopped me from progressing.  Sometimes we think we know ourselves better than anyone else, but it has been truly eye-opening having Joanne’s insight and it’s also been positively career changing.

– Tammy W | Communications Manager | Stockport, Manchester

"You have helped me to feel more confident and eliminate my inner demons"

You’ve been a fantastic coach to work with, someone who I have trusted and felt very comfortable to open up to; something that I do not find easy to do. 

I’ve got so much out of the experience and have found the visualisation and creative approaches you use extremely useful in a number of situations. They have helped me to feel more confident and eliminate my inner demons.

– Sarah W | People Portfolio, Planning and Governance Manager | Warrington

"Joanne created a safe and trusting environment that allowed me to open up about my personal life too"

I approached Joanne knowing her skills and experience as a Co-Active Coach, as I knew she would be able to challenge and support me with my coaching topic, which was centred on my professional life.

As is often the case, the topic I started with was not at the core of what I really needed support with, and Joanne created a safe and trusting environment that allowed me to open up about my personal life too.

Joanne offers a powerful blend of both coaching and therapy, and she skillfully moved between both to work with me on a deeply meaningful level. As a result I have been able to move forward both personally and professionally & I would not hesitate in recommending Joanne as a result of my experience.

– Janis M | Leadership and Executive Coach | Scotland

"I was a little sceptical at the start, but it has really made me face some issues that I feel have been holding me back for quite some time"

I approached Joanne because she is clearly very experienced at coaching and is open to trying different approaches including hypnotherapy. I felt that experiences from my past were holding me back and putting obstacles in my way, preventing me from moving forward in my life. Joanne helped me by facing up to what had happened in the past and to properly address it in my mind.

I had a lot of hurt feelings which I had buried and not properly dealt with or processed. I found the experience of coaching to be very positive. I just needed to revisit some of the decisions I had taken in the past and work through my emotions to understand that making the decision to leave my previous organisation was the right one for me.

I hadn’t tried coaching before, and I didn’t recognise that this was something I should consider until it was suggested to me by a friend. I was a little sceptical at the start, but it has really made me face some issues that I feel have been holding me back for quite some time.

The coaching journey has not been easy but I do feel I have made progress with some eureka and ah ha moments helping me shift perspective meaning it has definitely been worthwhile. It is helping me to look forward and plan the next chapter of my career.

– Anon | Senior Legal Professional

"I felt completely safe and heard with Joanne"

Joanne has a special talent for connecting with people. Having her as my coach was a huge privilege, I learned a lot about myself but also picked up some great strategies that I continue to use regularly. She has a gentle and compassionate approach but has a masterful ability to ask key and thought provoking questions at the right time. She guided me through some key self-reflection which has fundamentally changed how I judge my current and my younger self which has been a real unlock for me. I felt completely safe and heard with Joanne, I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t benefit from her expertise and can’t recommend her highly enough.

– Ciara P | HR and Legal Professional

"I came to Joanne with exhaustion and burnout, It feels like a complete transformation"

Joanne is a brilliant coach and RTT hypnotherapist, I highly recommend her to anyone what wants to thrive in their life and let go of issues, habits and feeling that are keeping them stuck. I came to Joanne with exhaustion and burnout. During our coaching sessions, I had ‘aha’ moments that clarified my feelings and changed my perception of my own needs. I felt that I was able to become very clear of what I needed and what I needed to do to get where I want to be while prioritising my self care. I can now say that I put myself first everyday. It feels like a complete transformation. She’s amazing, perceptive and intuitive, I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

– Tania C | Performance Artist | Manchester

Hypnotherapy Testimonials

"I am moving forward with a more positive mindset"

I had never considered hypnotherapy before for a Sexual Issue/Physical Ailment, but I felt supported and safe throughout, I gained some valuable insights during both the Hypnotherapy session and preliminary sessions on what the root cause of the problem was and this has enabled me to stop blaming myself. I am moving forward with a more positive mindset and I would definitely recommend reaching out to Joanne to explore RTT hypnotherapy.

– Andrew S | Communications Director | London

"I definitely wouldn't feel the way I do now if it wasn't for Joanne's amazing support and the benefits of RTT hypnotherapy"

Joanne has supported me in the form of both Coaching and RTT Hypnotherapy over the last couple of months. I would highly recommend Joanne, her treatment was tailored to my needs with total empathy, patience and absolute dedication, which has enabled me to overcome some long standing concerns related to managing an autoimmune disease which makes it easy to gain but difficult to lose weight, and battling self confidence and esteem which were holding me back in life. My mindset and well-being has improved greatly after each session and various supplementary RTT interventions.

The sessions and the bespoke recordings have been a powerful tool in shifting mindset so much that I have let go of self limiting beliefs, feel more informed and equipped to make positive healthy choices all of which have aided weight release (of nearly a stone a significant milestone towards my overall goal) along with an increase in energy and sustained positive outlook about myself and life. I definitely wouldn’t feel the way I do now if it wasn’t for Joanne’s amazing support and the benefits of RTT hypnotherapy.

– Sophie C | Self-Employed | Marlow

"I have experienced a positive movement which is showing up daily for me now"

I approached Joanne, because for many years I’ve struggled with the sense of not being enough.  I’ve carried out a fair amount of self-discovery over the years so I knew this sense was fairly deep rooted and not something I could even attempt to think my way out of so I thought I’d give hypnotherapy a try. I wasn’t disappointed with the experience, Joanne put me at ease right from the very beginning and was so authentically and respectfully curious about my life and experiences.  The actual hypnotherapy going into it felt quite surreal, and it’s hard to explain but I knew I was connecting with things that I’d wanted to forget or suppress for quite some time, which I can only say was a relief and brought a lightness into my life.

Joanne’s post session transformation recording was brilliant, Joanne has a soothing tone and whilst I nearly almost was asleep by the end of it I genuinely believe I have experienced a positive movement which is showing up daily for me now.

I would definitely recommend Joanne and her practice to anyone who is looking for some respite from trying hard to figure things out. Being guided into something so much deeper than we can ever dream to access alone is a wonderful gift.

– Becky G | Coach and HR Professional | Bristol

"The difference hypnotherapy has made to my life since the first sessions has been astounding"

I’ve always had a really difficult relationship with my parents but never really knew where it stemmed from or why I always felt anxious and uncomfortable around them. I’ve always struggled with self-confidence and self-belief and following the death of my dad a few years ago I’d really struggled to come to terms with my additional caring responsibilities for my Mum. Joanne recommended hypnotherapy to help me understand what I was subconsciously holding onto and to help me to process my previous experiences. 

I wasn’t sure whether it would work and as a naturally anxious person was quite nervous about what I might discover but it was an incredibly positive experience. Joanne was really supportive, explained everything very clearly and was reassuring throughout all of the sessions.  The memories which came up for me were things I would have never known about otherwise and they’ve made everything else in my life make sense in a way I could never have imagined before. 

If you’re reading this wondering whether hypnotherapy is right for you I’d absolutely recommend you give it a try – the difference it has made to my life since the first sessions has been astounding and I feel so much lighter now! It is absolutely worth the investment and I know that the understanding I’ve taken from it will continue to shape my life in future too!

Emma A | IT Manager | Manchester

"The whole hypnotherapy experience was worthwhile and will be everlasting"

I knew Joanne through her coaching offer which is why it made sense for to me work with Joanne to try a different approach to gaining an all-round healthier lifestyle, improved relationship with food which included a reduction in consumption of sweets and a desire for weight reduction.  

Joanne helped me identify triggers, past patterns and route causes that led to my current less helpful mind set and beliefs in relation to exercise, food and whole self-perception.  Since working with Joanne I have completely stopped eating Haribo sweets which were my ‘go to’ sweet of choice and I find it so much easier to make more all-round healthier choices for myself to what I would have done previously resulting in some initial weight reduction. 

However, for me hypnotherapy has created a stronger desire, a more helpful mind set in the everyday so I am looking forward to feeling the continued effects over time. I really liked Joanne’s personal approach, she listened to my needs, took time to understood me as a person to be able to deploy hypnotherapy skills which I was able to relate to and buy into. I found myself at ease during the experience than I had initially thought I would be.  

This really enabled me to be open minded and further put my trust in the knowledge and experience of Joanne. I would recommend Joanne to people who feel at a loss and are open to help through a complimentary approach. Joanne’s style and warmth it is easy to open up to an emotional or practical conversation if you are looking to make a difference in future thinking, change habits of thought and reach your desired outcome. The whole experience was worthwhile and will be everlasting.

– Anon Female

"I really can't recommend Joanne highly enough"

I was recommended Joanne because I was really struggling to overcome my grief from a recent break up. Feelings of not being good enough were manifesting and impacting my well-being and mental health. Consumed by these thoughts just made me feel unable to move on. Joanne helped me to understand where my thoughts were coming from and manage these in a way that has enabled me to move on. The result has meant that I am now able to allow myself to be happy knowing I am enough and I have learnt to be able to love myself from the inside out. With this in mind, I am now in a happier place from just existing to now enjoying activities and making the most of life. But most importantly, I know I am enough and I am in a good position.

One thing I loved was the bespoke recording made especially for me. Having this tailored to my needs was the most positive experience and had the greatest impact on changing my mindset. I know I will be able to use this recording or come back to it whenever I feel I have a set back or if I experience difficulty.

I would recommend Joanne to anybody who wants to work on their self and needs to overcome those negative thoughts that impact on your whole emotional self and ability to be the best version of yourself.

The whole experience of the Hypnotherapy was incredible and something I had never experienced. Joanne made me feel so comfortable throughout the process that I was able to fully engage with it every step of the way.  I really can’t recommend Joanne highly enough!

– Anon Female

"I feel more empowered, like I have a purpose and look forward to the future"

Working with Joanne over the last 4 months has helped me to regain confidence, consistently think more positive, helpful thoughts, dispel negative ones and feel calmer when faced with life’s challenges. The process we worked through combining coaching and hypnotherapy has actually meant that I’ve confronted limiting beliefs, created healthier habits and challenged myself in ways I never thought I could for the better! Now I feel more empowered, like I have a purpose and look forward to the future.

– Anon | Nanny and Beauty Professional | Marlow

"The ongoing confidence and ‘lightness’ I have felt since, seems to keep on giving"

I came to Joanne for help and healing around ‘Relationship issues’ which I was able to identify in the session as stemming from disrupted and damaging early separation issues, from Boarding School experiences. 

It was a wonderfully supportive and valuable experience for me. Hypnotherapy is something I had tried before but it was Joanne, her integrity and professional skills that impressed me from our first call together that gave me the confidence to proceed with working out my problems, with her. I would most definitely recommend any therapy and/or coaching work with Joanne. 

In my experience it was an excellent investment of time. I felt I was in a very safe, professional, and caring therapeutic environment where I was guided through the session to ‘realise’ how I had created my own limitations but left feeling totally free from them. Quite amazing after just one session. And the ongoing confidence and ‘lightness’ I have felt since, seems to keep on giving.

– Judi H | Sussex

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