Sleep coaching programme by Joanne Cook

Empowering you to thrive with Sleep Coaching

Your busy, high pressure career and family commitments have taken priority. The pressures you’re under have taken over the importance of sleep and self-care and resulted in negative sleep habits.

You’re not sleeping well and may well be feeling stuck with lack of motivation to begin or maintain positive sleep changes. Maybe you feel like you’re on autopilot and seeking quick fixes like caffeine which in turn is leading to more sleeplessness, agitation and various other adverse reactions.

Sound familiar?

Over the years, you’ve probably seen a lot of focus on diet, nutrition and exercise to support your peak or optimal performance and resilience. Yet somehow, even though sleep is a fundamental component to all round health and wellness, it’s been undervalued and overlooked for sometime.

When sleep is fully optimised we show up more as our truest selves. We are more open, tolerant, patient and compassionate to our own and others needs. In turn, we see our relationships grow and flourish, empowering us to thrive personally and professionally.

I have experienced first hand the affects of bad sleep health and from many years working with professionals, my passion and understanding of the importance of sleep developed. This lead to the launch of my tailored sleep coaching and therapy programme.

Is Sleep Coaching for you?

The Sleep Programme is for anyone who is struggling with some form of disordered sleep, i.e difficulty getting to sleep or maintaining good quality sleep. Ultimately yearning to wake up feeling rested, refreshed, clear minded with more energy and vibrance to take on the day ahead.

Suitable for those who are –

  • Willing and able to invest own time
  • Curious to learn and open to co-creating new ways of living
  • Committed to explore personal habits in great depth both 121 and as reflective practice
  • Open and honest to explore all areas of their life (even the seemingly unrelated)
  • Willing to undertake experiments with new, novel or different activities to their norm
  • Open to reframe old outdated beliefs
  • Committed to take action and take accountability
  • Looking to make progress over perfection

Unsuitable for those who are –

  • Unable to invest their own time
  • Uninterested to learn and grow
  • Expecting a quick fix without the commitment
  • Solely focussed on the typical hours of sleep
  • Unwilling to undertake experiments
  • Not committed to take accountability or action
  • Looking for perfection

“The Sleep Coaching and Therapy Programme is designed to help busy professionals lead healthier, happier and more successful lives.”
– Joanne Cook

How does The Sleep Programme work?

The Sleep Programme is an 8 week bespoke Sleep Coaching and Hypnotherapy programme with dedicated one-to-one guided support. In 6 steps, together we can begin to transform your relationship with sleep.

6 Steps to Success

Step 1 – Free Consultation

Step 2 – Consultations, reflecting and exploring

Step 3 – Your bespoke sleep coaching programme – the fun part!

Step 4 – Hypnosis for sleep session

Step 5 – Personalised transformation recording

Step 6 – Ongoing support


Joanne cook therapy for sleep programme

What my client’s say

“Joanne has helped me to find clarity and perspective, and following the sleep coaching programme I feel that I have gained agency to make better choices around sleep and prioritising my own time in a different way.  And when in bed, I am able to use the tips and techniques Joanne has shared to fall asleep without being assaulted with stresses and worries from the day.

Joanne’s tailored approach has helped me to be less all or nothing and to celebrate small gains – as a result sleeplessness no longer feels an overwhelming problem; I don’t feel stuck and I feel I have a better sense of proportion.

I would highly recommend Joanne’s sleep programme to anyone who is struggling to sleep.”

Read Suzi’s full case study

– Suzi | London | Musician, Singer, Educator and Creative Director

What to expect from Sleep Coaching

If lack of sleep is sending you into a negative spiral, you may find it difficult to muster the energy to create new habits, even though you know you will hugely benefit from them.

When we are stressed our cortisol levels raise which in turn stimulates our flight, fight, freeze responses, making you more on guard feeling vigilant, alert and more likely to awaken.

In reaching this point it’s common to become anxious which in turn leads to overthinking at bedtime, resulting in an unproductive night trying to sleep. Once we eventually fall asleep, we can wake in the very early hours unable to fall back into our slumber leaving us frustrated, angry and stressed.

Does this sound similar to where you are right now?

This is where the beauty of a guided one-to-one sleep coaching programme can be truly effective.

Those who I have worked with to date are senior executives and professionals. Typically, they had already spent hours conducting their own research on improving their sleep. Having tried numerous ways to sleep better and improve their own sleep health. Yet, for many reasons had been unable to put their knowledge and intellectual understanding into practice.

However, they were ready to create a different outcome and committed to making a change to improve their sleep and overall wellbeing.

When we are busy professionals, improving our sleep can become very undervalued and sleeping better can seem unachievable.

It’s a two way street between Mental Health and Sleep, if you have generally good mental health then you are more likely to have good sleep habits. If you have poor sleep habits, then you can be sure to have less than optimal mental health.

The fortunate thing is, there’s plenty we can choose to do about it.