hypnotherapy for sleep case study

A recent case study from one of my Sleep Programme clients:

“I have never been great with sleep, but at the point I met with Joanne things were as bad as they have ever been; busy high pressure high profile job, three small children, urgent deadlines and minimal time to myself.  I had got in the habit of staying up later and later in order to claw back a bit of time, and felt tremendous pressure to make every minute productive.  Once in bed, I often struggled to sleep – instead trying to fight off problems and worries from the day. I didn’t feel there was much that would be likely to shift the dial for me. I had read lots about sleep and how important it is, but somehow felt unable to put into practice the knowledge I had gained; the more I learned, the less motivated I felt because the problem seemed so entrenched and I was stuck.

However, when I met with Joanne, I felt immediately at ease.  Joanne’s approach is smart, thorough, kind and non-judgemental and it felt really good to have someone to think this through with; to prioritise examination of it and to be accountable to someone whilst doing so. In the abstract I wasn’t sure I would be able to be completely honest about some of my madder habits, but actually I felt in safe hands from the start. I had no idea what to expect from hypnotherapy, but to my surprise by the time we got to that aspect of the programme it felt completely natural and led to fresh insights.

Joanne has helped me to find clarity and perspective, and following the programme I feel that I have gained agency to make better choices around sleep and prioritising my own time in a different way.  And when in bed, I am able to use the tips and techniques Joanne has shared to fall asleep without being assaulted with stresses and worries from the day. There are still nights when I choose to go to bed late. However, when I do, I don’t beat myself up the following morning. Joanne’s tailored approach has helped me to be less all or nothing and to celebrate small gains – as a result sleeplessness no longer feels an overwhelming problem; I don’t feel stuck and I feel I have a better sense of proportion.

I would highly recommend Joanne’s sleep programme to anyone who is struggling with sleep; either difficulty in prioritising it or in falling asleep and staying asleep.  If you’re reading this and you’re on the fence don’t be!”

– Suzi – London – Musician, Singer, Educator and Creative Director

It has been an absolute pleasure guiding you through The Sleep Programme to achieve a healthier relationship with sleep. I am truly delighted to read about your personal experience and immensely grateful for your recommendation Suzi.

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