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Top 10 reasons to hire a life coach

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Free resources

The end of one year and the beginning of the next can be a period of profound reflection for many people. Winter is the season of quiet introspection and after the intense and busy period of the holiday season the new year offers a welcome opportunity to reset. With 2023 in full swing, I wanted to share some useful insights about life coaching. Read on to discover 10 reasons to hire a life coach and what benefits life coaching could bring you in 2023.

What can life coaching help you with?

Despite good intentions, 80% of new year’s resolutions fall flat and that’s despite having the world of expertise at our fingertips through the online community. So, with a wealth of knowledge just a web search away, what are the reasons to hire a life coach in the real world to help us at all?

Whether your goal is to be happier, healthier, wealthier, stronger, more successful or more fulfilled, to achieve those goals requires you to become someone who is different from who you are today.

To do that, outside impartial support is invaluable and can encourage you to see more clearly what you cannot always see about yourself.

The relationship between yourself and a life coach can aid you in connecting with the highest version of who you are and identify where you might be knowingly or unknowingly sabotaging your own growth.

We don’t generally make big changes alone or in a vacuum. Most of us need some outside help and an ongoing accountability structure to keep going towards our highest growth when our motivation naturally ebbs and we feel like giving up.

The right accountability partner believes in you and your big goal before it becomes a reality and serves as an honest and true mirror that reflects back to you how you’re currently approaching things.

Life Coaching can help you expand your toolbox and capabilities so you can react to challenges differently, and in a more intentional, empowered way.

How has 2023 been for you so far?

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Here are my Top 10 reasons to hire a life coach if you’re looking to thrive in 2023.


1. You feel like you’ve lost your spark and want more meaning in your life

‘Meaning’ or your ‘spark’ is what makes your heart sing.

It generally comes from doing what matters most to you. This gets much easier when you understand what you value most and find ways to express it. If life feels a little shallow, or you don’t know why you do what you do anymore, you could really benefit from working with a great life coach who will help you identify what is meaningful for you.

2. Accountability and sustaining good intentions

Big changes and important goals don’t just happen.

They require sustained action (and a different kind of action than you’re used to) that can move you forward towards the goal despite the challenges, struggles and pushback. That sustained action is difficult to achieve on our own because it stretches us way out of our comfort zone and out of our habitual ways of dealing with life. The bigger the goal, the more beneficial it is to have the outside accountability that a coach can provide, especially over time as the excitement of the goal fades, motivation wanes and the going feels tougher.

3. Limiting beliefs have been holding you back

Limiting beliefs held deep in our subconscious minds can hold us back.

Everybody has a few blind spots and neuroscientists estimate we are unconscious of 95% of what goes on in our brains. A life coach can work with you to identify those limiting beliefs and overcome them. This could be a belief you’ve held since childhood that you are not good enough unless you’re busy achieving or that you’re ‘naturally’ big boned and therefore can never lose weight for good. A life coach can work with you to identify and unlock these limiting beliefs and set you free.

“Whether your goal is to be happier, healthier, wealthier, stronger, more successful or more fulfilled, to achieve those goals requires you to become someone who is different from who you are today”

4. Following through with intentions

Setting goals isn’t necessarily the hardest part, following through without being distracted is key.

A life coach can help you to keep you on track by unearthing your overriding purpose and goals in life and giving you the tools and capabilities to keep you on track for the long term.

5. You’ve hit a plateau, and are feeling stuck or lost

Perhaps life is good, but you’re feeling like it could be better.

Perhaps your earning has been stagnant for years or you are feeling like you would like a move but are not sure what direction you need to take. If you’re feeling stuck or you’ve hit a plateau, a coach can help you take your career or business to the next level by helping you create a strategic plan. They can work with you to identify the steps you need to take to create the momentum you need.

We all feel a little lost from time to time, but sometimes it can feel so bad you don’t want to go on and this is when a coach or a therapist becomes a necessity. You need a trainer to help you regain the confidence that you once had and push you towards your dreams.

6. You need help with your work/life balance

It’s a tricky balance to find but a good life coach can teach you to tune into your intuition.

In turn this creates a healthier balance between your personal and professional life. It can be easy to fall into the habit of devoting all your time and energy to work – especially as you’re building up your business or career. A life coach can encourage you to set healthier boundaries and find the right balance that is uniquely right for you. After all, when your mind is relaxed, resting and sharp you can focus on thriving.

“You’ve been a fantastic coach to work with, someone who I have trusted and felt very comfortable to open up to; something that I do not find easy to do. I’ve got so much out of the experience and have found the visualisation and creative approaches you use extremely useful in a number of situations. They have helped me to feel more confident and eliminate my inner demons.” – Sarah W | People Portfolio, Planning and Governance Manager | Coop Group

7. Anxiety and Stress are weighing you down

Life can get stressful.

When you combine all of our responsibilities, from work to family and social lives, it’s easy to see why we get so stressed out. It’s not a good feeling, especially when it feels like the walls are caving in on you. Getting the perspective and outside help that life coaching affords is integral in helping you move past those disheartening emotions and creating a positive space where you can grow.

8. You want to change but you are not sure where to start

Sometimes we can be looking to make a change but we just don’t know where to begin.

When everything in your life is looking less than ideal, it can be hard finding the right place to start.  From establishing clear boundaries, creating a physical environment that’s supportive, improving organisational skills, ensuring enough rest, to building great stress management, good life coaches know how to assist their clients to establish what they truly need, so they can step into the lives they were built to live.

9. You want to be the best version of you

Just because most things are going well, doesn’t mean you don’t want to improve them.

Many people hire a life coach because they know they are built for more and they want to reach their full potential sooner, rather than later. This is different from being insecure. People derive considerable joy from stepping into their personal greatness. In fact, some people believe this is the single biggest source of happiness. Great life coaches are experts at eliciting their clients’ personal greatness.

Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.- Pete Carrol

10. You’re going through a big transition

Change can be difficult, even when it’s what you want. Anytime you go through a big life transition such as starting a new business or career, getting divorced, moving to a new city, going back to school, etc, is a great time to have someone who believes in you and who can help you make the most crucial choices as smoothly as possible.

Are you looking for change but not sure where to start?

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