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Behind the brand

by | May 12, 2022 | Free resources

Joanne Cook Coaching and Therapy – Unearthing your potential from the inside out.

What does Inside Out mean?

‘Unearthing one’s own inner wisdom, resourcefulness, and self-mastery to outwardly live life with greater fulfilment and intention’.

My mission is to bring positive life affirming change and transformative outcomes through tailored coaching and therapeutic support.

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Many of the people I have coached come to coaching with an outcome to develop towards, yet find quite quickly that their initial focus is not actually what is holding them back. Coaching works within the conscious realm of thought typically forward focussed, working with values, motivations, beliefs and character strengths. Coaching also accounts for lived experience, exploring awareness and understanding of societal and systemic factors. Everyone I meet has a unique story from the past which at some point shows up in coaching. As a Coach I work sensitively with the Coachee’s story acknowledging its presence, exploring mindset and perspective in a trauma informed way.

Hypnotherapy clients I see seek to effectively heal emotional pain and suffering whether that be persistent feelings of low esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence, unworthiness, a desire to lose weight or a desire to have a healthier lifestyle or improve relationships. Most will have been suffering with these unwanted feelings for some time but have been unable to successfully resolve them before. Hypnotherapy works within the subconscious realm by skilfully reframing unhelpful thoughts, habits, and behaviour patterns. Hypnotherapy is outcome driven, yet unlike Coaching it works by exploring much deeper origins of beliefs, thoughts, feelings and experiences that drive unwanted presenting patterns of behaviour.

It is a powerful modality which brings the ‘unknown into the known’ through exploring the past. In turn, having a better understanding of how what happened is continuing to influence them in their everyday adult life.

RTT Hypnotherapy works by unearthing the root cause of the challenges you’re facing, often by the meaning attributed to adverse experiences which have created the unhelpful inner dialogue and habits you seek relief from today. Whilst the past cannot be changed, I can work with you to heal emotional pain and conditions through a series of therapeutic techniques and bespoke support.

I’ve always found the peacock breath-taking. These creatures  effortlessly captivate and capture attention. Like the peacock, Inside Out creates moments of deep presence, conscious awakening and awareness. In turn a much needed pause to connect and experience what is unfolding moment by moment.

Have you ever noticed how a peacock’s iridescent feathers change colour with the angle of light? For me, this signifies the many perspectives to be explored through Coaching and Therapy. Going deeper, the eyes and fringes of each feather represent the systems and connection we operate within. Interestingly, a peacock’s display of feathers are in a perfect formation however, when they become damaged or entangled the peacock simply shakes out the discomfort or releases the feathers, in order to allow for regrowth.

According to some ancient traditions, the peacock’s feather is deemed to have powerful healing energy and is widely used in healing rituals of the mind, body and spirit. Rather apt for my new brand identity, which saw my vision coming to life. The feather can also be a sign of self-discovery, inner wisdom, peace, optimism, creativity, fertility, and resourcefulness. It resembles standing in one’s own truth to live life with greater intention, fulfilment, ease and grace.

It is also a wise invitation to explore and integrate our shadow side by recognising and exploring our less favourable characteristics and their origins such as pride, superiority, protection, flattery holding each in a more self-accepting and compassionate way. Something I work on across both modalities.

Further research on the Peacock feather led me to discover the many meanings across different cultures perfectly aligning with my passion to showcase equality. One common meaning is being called “100 eyes” signalling an ability to cultivate wisdom by having an open mind and receiving other people’s perspectives and opinions even if they differ to your own. When you open up in this way, you naturally grow to become wiser.

Something that I firmly believe can help us develop and flourish as individuals.

I truly feel the peacock feather has beautifully captured the balance and depth of work across coaching and therapeutic modalities. You can read more about my journey in my story.