woman walking through the fields in summertime

Summer through the senses, inside and out

From experience, I’ve found summer has a knack of making us feel lighter, happier and healthier. 

Read on to discover more about Summer through the Senses.

The feeling of warmth on our skin is comforting, while the bright shades and scents of summer flowers can be intoxicating at times.

To the extent that the pictures, feelings and scents we capture and create in our mind leave an imprint.

And this imprint goes on to have a direct impact on our lived experience, as well as our overall sense of wellbeing.

I’m making a commitment to being more in the present, getting outdoors and connecting with nature embracing the energy of each season.  It’s quite simply better for my mental health. This summer, I’ve been intentionally present. I saw – amongst other things – shooting stars, moonlight paths, green and turquoise dragon flies, red kites, deer, fox cubs, even a pack of parakeets. Some of my favourite sounds were the silence of sunrise, swooshing and chattering bats, the gentle sound of water flowing, toads croaking and the whisper of wind through woodland.

And what did I smell? Warm pine was lovely as it reminds me of beaches abroad.  So too was home grown tomatoes, BBQ’s, citronella candles at dusk and, of course, freshly-cut grass.

What does summer through the senses feel like for you?

“To make sure I filled my senses, soaking in all the summer has to offer I get up early, and stay awake late. I cook outdoors, read outdoors, potter in the garden, take the dog on dawn and dusk walks.”

Things to do in Summer

Every season has its own energy and this summer I’ve felt energised, enriched, clear-headed, resourceful and optimistic. That’s not a bad handful of feelings at all.

If you’re looking for more reasons to get outdoors then here’s a list of activities that are fun, creative and will probably get you meeting other like-minded people now and again:

Outdoor activities to try:

Go fruit picking – There’s usually lots of farms in the countryside giving visitors the opportunity to pick their own strawberries, gooseberries, cherries etc. You could also take a look around your local countryside lanes and parks to see if you can find wild fruit, such as blackberries and even raspberries.

Hire a Kayak – Or, better still, if you’ve never tried it before then go along to a paddleboard class. There’s often classes and groups on lakes and at the ocean. Not only will the activity make you feel energised, but you’ll also get the sense of achievement of mastering a new activity.

Attempt Wild Swimming – To really awaken your senses to nature and get your body tingling all over, go swimming in a river or lake. Obviously make sure it’s safe by joining a local group or going along with another person and using floatation devices.

Eat outdoors  – Have a picnic in the park with a friend and pack your hamper (or cool bag) with lots of little treat-type bites. If it’s warm enough eat lunch outdoors and dinner too – with a tray on your knee if you can’t get the table outside.

Walk a dog  – Many dog charities are crying out for helpers to walk the dogs they have in their care. Or, you could ask a neighbour if you could take their dog for a walk in the park. You’ll be getting out in nature, reaping the benefits of exercise and feeling good that you’ve made your furry friend feel better. Dog walking is also a terrific way to meet new people.

For more ideas for summer you can take a look through this terrific resource Thriving with Nature. It has a guide for everyone along with ideas for the three other seasons too.

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